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Always Ski With Friends On Powder Days

Always Ski With Friends On Powder Days

Our industry is full of unique terminology and ideologies. We have Jerry’s and Gapers, Park Rats and Steezebots, Two-Plankers and Slowboarders. You can straight bomb the run in your best Texas Tuck, or jump and jib at every opportunity. While most of these phrases are usually silly, there are some that are taken very seriously if you’re someone who frequents the ski slope. For example, if you ski with a large gap between your goggles and helmet, or ride around with a Bluetooth speaker in your backpack at max volume, you’ll most definitely be awarded the title Jerry by anyone who skis for more than a week a season.

On the more serious side of things there are traditions which are to be upheld for your safety and the safety of others. “If you don’t know, don’t go” comes to mind here. This refers to skiing in the backcountry properly. If you don’t know where you’re going, you shouldn’t be leaving the resort. This goes for leaving the resort alone or unequipped with the proper gear as well. Doing so could put your life at risk, as well as anyone else’s life above or below you.

Everyone has their own caveats when it comes to following these traditions, and if you’re a ski town local you and your crew probably have your own set of “rules” while you’re out on the mountain. One of the more common phrases we hear from people is “no friends on powder days”. This phrase roughly translates to “if there’s deep snow, I’m not waiting for you”. If you’re too slow, you fall and get stuck, or your skill level doesn’t match up you will be left behind.

I’ve always had a bone to pick with this ideology. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good solo soul shred, but skiing is ALWAYS better with the homies. For me, it’s more about assembling the proper crew than a cutthroat every man for himself mentality. If I know you can’t keep up, you’re probably not getting the invite for a powder day. It’ll be a see you at Après kind of day. Just because you’re a heel-side-hero or can only go down pepi’s face in a power wedge doesn’t mean I won’t rip a shot ski with you at the end of the day. It just means I’d rather hit the slopes with you on a groomer day, not when mother nature blesses us with 20” of the that sweet, sweet bam-bam.

Before you go thinking “what a cocky douche”, I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t be calling up Tanner Hall or Travis Rice to see what their pow day plans are either. It’s about knowing your limits, staying in your lane, and assembling the right squad who are at an equal shred/stoke/send level. There’s a reason there’s always more than one person in all of our content. The STAS are always ripping with friends, powder days included.
This winter hasn’t disappointed us yet in number of powder days. We’ve been slacking a bit lately on our blog, with our newsletters, even our insta hasn’t been firing in true STAS fashion. The reason for this lull in your inboxes is solely due to the fact that we’ve been skiing, and for that, we won’t apologize. Don’t forget to make time to ski STAS. The next powder day you get blessed with, remember our advice on skiing with friends on powder days. Grab that dude who wants to send that cliff one more time for the footy. Hit up that chick with the most righteous slut strands who absolutely rips the trees, and don’t forget the ol’ tried and true hype man who is always charging down from the cornice. Assemble your Pow Day Panel of steezebots and ski with your friends, especially on powder days.
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