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Ski Town Project

Ski Town Project


We work hard at Ski Town All-Stars, and we do it so that we can have a focus on fun. Whether it’s taking East Vail laps in the winter, hanging 10 in the wave down in Eagle, or racing down Lee’s Way in Avon on our mountain bikes, we’re always filling up on adrenaline and living mountain life to its fullest. We believe in taking time each day to enjoy the life we’ve been given. We also believe in giving back to the amazing community that provides us with all of these wonderful opportunities. That’s where the Ski Town Project comes in.
The Ski Town Project is an initiative we’ve launched as a philanthropic endeavor to donate to just causes in our ski town communities. It started with the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, but we soon realized that there was so much more we could do to help. We started to reach out and quickly found more organizations who were just as enthusiastic about giving back. We’ve been able to take our ability to make customized hats and design them with awesome organizations to help stoke up the community to join the cause. We’re able to do this by taking on the responsibility of taking orders, making the hats, and processing shipping and handling; then donating proceeds from the hat sales back to the organizations we partner with. With this system we’ve donated to places like Ski for MS, High Fives Foundation, and more. Follow these links to learn more about these organizations and find out how you can help!
The Ski Town Project has also allowed us to bring the people in our community together when tragedy strikes. This spring we worked with the Bindu Memorial Fund and made shirts for a memorial 5k run. The event was a blast, and the turnout was awesome. It was so much fun to be a part of all these people coming to celebrate the life of a dear friend. We also worked with the Freakstagram this year to help raise money for Aspen Ski Patrol in memory of Sam Coffey. It was a humbling experience to help contribute to Sam’s memorial service in Aspen. Seeing the hundreds of people gather at the top of Aspen Mountain was awe-inspiring, and the epitome of what we’re trying to accomplish with the Ski Town Project.
If you have a non-profit in a ski town, please reach out. We’re always looking to work with organizations and people who are helping the communities we love. We would be more than happy to talk to you and figure out what we can do to help your cause. If you live in one of these communities, or you visit these communities to play, get involved. Donate, volunteer, or reach out and offer your services. Together we can make a difference. Join the Ski Town Project and do your part to help.
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