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Welcome to The Hat Bistro

Welcome to The Hat Bistro

In March of 2019 we made a big move as a company. We were five deep in @cjbivo’s garage and orders were piling up. It was getting crowded, and there were boxes of hats everywhere. The time to expand had finally come. We found a retail space in East Vail and got prepared to move.


Moving day was one for the books. We filled the van to the brim, quite a few times, and went back and forth between West Vail and East Vail for most of the morning. The real dilemma was that business didn’t slow down just because we were moving. Orders were still coming in, and there were still plenty of deadlines to meet. The solution came with the layout of the new space. We planned on using the back room as our manufacturing shop, and the front room would be a showroom. Thanks to the new digs we could get the back setup by early afternoon. We were pumping out hats on moving day before the mountain closed. We almost had time to sneak in a lap, but responsibility prevailed that day and we put our noses to the grindstone.


The front room took a bit longer to get set up. We put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ordered some desks, but it was missing the STAS style we were looking for. That’s when we got the idea for The Bistro. What if we made a space where people could come in, have a latte, sit down with one of our hat experts, and design their own custom lid on the spot? Now THAT’S the STAS style we’d been searching for. We built a bar and sealed the finest K2 and Line skis into the bar top. Our buddies at Red Bull hooked us up with a mini fridge, and the red bulls to stock it, and we got and espresso machine. The Ski Town All-Stars Custom Hat Bistro was born. Now our customers can either order from our online store or come into our showroom and sit down with one of our Hat Baristas. We’ll put the design template on the TV on the wall and have a custom hat printed, pressed, and in our customers hands in ten minutes.


In addition to the custom hat bar, we have our full product line on display. It’s a great place to stop on your way back to Denver to grab a couple hats for the folks back at home. Customers can try on all the different styles and find the exact fit they’re looking for. The Ski Town All-Stars Hat Bistro is located at 3971 Big Horn Rd Unit 7BB, Vail, CO 81657. Whether you’re a local friend looking for a new lid, or one of our valley’s many visitors, we invite you to come on by Mon-Fri 9ish till 5ish for a latte and a fresh bucket.


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